I am running as a candidate for the United States House of Representatives for the State of Montana. I have filed as a CONSTITUTIONAL Republican, recognizing like so many others, that just being a REPUBLICAN these days does not mean that you commit to reducing the size and reach of government. Just being a REPUBLICAN does not mean that you hold a commitment to secure the “blessings of LIBERTY for ourselves and our posterity.” As an average Montanan and American, working man and father, I see my God given rights eroding away every day. As a CONSTITUTIONAL Republican, I will uphold the US Constitution, and vote according to the ideals established when this great document was drafted, limiting the size and scope of the federal government.

All three members of the Montana national delegation have failed to serve the interests of the people of the Great State of Montana and the United States of America. This delegation has continued to vote to expand government and expand the cost of government. Our US House Representative has continued to support programs and the expansion of programs that do not fall under the authority of the federal government as defined by the US Constitution. Our representative has continued to vote for legislation that restricts our liberties and restrict our rights – inalienable rights – that were secured by the very government created to uphold and protect them. After nine years in office, he has had plenty of time to prove his mettle and vote to be fiscally and constitutionally responsible. He has done neither. I am Mark French. I will be fiscally and constitutionally responsible. I ask you for the opportunity to help set Congress on a path toward fiscal responsibility and limited government.

Thank You,


Mark French is a working Montanan like you. He is not running for Congress for the notoriety or personal benefits. He sees government going the wrong direction, and has chosen service to bring Montana and the Nation back to fiscal social and moral conservatism, apart from party politics. Listed below are some of the irresponsible, unconstitutional and socialist issues the current 5 term incumbent has supported.

Cash for clunkers
Patriot Act
Medicare B
Bush Stimulus
Against getting out of the UN
COPS Funding: further federalizing the police system
Supplemental appropriation for undeclared war and flu “pandemic” preparation
Many earmarks

In addition to the above issues, the incumbent has demonstrated a lack of passion when voting correctly on issues like the increase of the debt limit. I will tell you this: When an issue as significant as increasing the debt limit comes before me, I will not simply vote a "quiet No". I will use every tool in my power to focus the people and stop such disgusting action! The current Tester Wilderness bill is another example of this lack of passion for what’s right.

The issues below are some I am passionate about:
- No plunder of one group to give to another, rewarding irresponsibility
- Feds phase out involvement in health-care funding.
- No trading freedom and liberty for "safety"
- American sovereignty
- Single issue bills to avoid hiding items (earmarks) in essential bills.
- Patriot Act replaced with letters of Marque and Reprisal.
- Withdraw from the United Nations. NoCap & Trade
- Congress relieve Federal Reserve of their current duties
- States and people reserve all powers not granted to the Feds
- Private property protected from eminent domain abuses.
- Wolf management in State Control.
- Gun rights shall not be infringed.
- The Creatorblesses those who respect innocent life.
- Secure our borders and end benefits to illegal aliens.
- Elected officials MUST obey their “oath of Office.”

If you like what you see in this "We the People" movement, use your email and website tools here to give your friends a real choice in this June 8th primary. It’s up to you to spread this message. Truth and passion can overcome incumbent money.

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